The Chocolatarium

In February 2020, I was joined by my 12 year old son on a 90 minute tour of The Chocolatarium, just off the The Royal Mile, near Canongate. This is a true hidden gem! And most definitely not to be missed! It was a great experience from start to finish, with a very educational and well-presented tour by our amazing tour guide who kept us all thoroughly entertained. I don’t want to give too much away but I was really impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge on the subject. All of our tour party were totally absorbed and fascinated by the facts, the history, and the warm story-telling. I think that the warm, unctuous chocolatey goo served at the start of the tour helped too!

After learning the history and procedure from the tree to the factory, we headed into the Chocolate lab to delight in the chocolate making process. A delight for the senses indeed, from the amazing toasty aroma of fresh cacao beans roasting, to the butteriness of the pulverized bean and the eye and mouth-watering vat of silky smooth liquid chocolate, we were in our element. We were then invited to create our own masterpieces using any of the vast array of jarred ingredients laid before us. My son decided that dried mango, brownie pieces, mint chips and white chocolate curls would make for the perfect chocolate bar (which he insists it was!), whilst I was a little more conservative. I must admit though, my homemade salted caramel was rather nice.

As with most tours, the end of tour ended in the shop. Fortunately, it sells an amazing selection of craft chocolate from around the UK, many from amazing Scottish chocolatiers; the highlight for me being an 85% dark chocolate, Porcelana, from The Chocolate Tree. I would recommend you get in quick before there is a 2 month waiting list. This will definitely be one of the MUST do tours in Edinburgh. Book here now…..