The best Museums and Galleries in Edinburgh


National Museum of Scotland – Chambers Street 


The building of the National Museum of Scotland features over 10.000 items. Including countless works of art, jewels and weapons that reveal the country’s culture and history. 

Entry & Guides are free!  


Museum of Edinburgh – Canongate, Royal Mile 


The museum of Edinburgh reflects the history, origins, and folklore of the city from its origins to the present day   

Free entry! 


Scottish National Gallery  


The National Gallery of Scotland is the national art gallery that features both Scottish and international works of art from the birth of the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. 

Free entry! 


Museum of Childhood – Canongate, Royal Mile 


The Museum of Childhood is the first museum in the world dedicated to the history of childhood. It features toys, trinkets and games from various generations and periods    

Free entry but.. donations are welcome!  


The People’s Story Museum – Canongate Tolbooth, Royal Mile 


As its name suggests, the People’s Story Museum reflects the day-to-day of the citizens of Edinburgh from the eighteenth century to the present day.  

Free entry but.. donations are welcome!  


Museum of the Mound – The Mound  


The Museum of the Mound explores the unusual history of money, economics, and the bank of Scotland from its origin to its role in the present day.  

Free entry! 


National War Museum – in Edinburgh Castle 


It opened in 1933 and became the first War Museum in Britain. Reflecting on over 400 years of Scotland at War, which has suffered through many years of conflicts due to its strategic position.  


Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art – Belford Rd 


The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art houses the Modern and Contemporary national art collection. It comprises two buildings, Modern One and Modern Two. 

”The Modern One” is an imposing Renaissance building with artwork that dates from 1900 to the present day.  


”The Modern Two” Features Surrealist and Dadaist works of art. 

The museum is a MUST SEE for those who love modern art!   

Free entry, additional charge for some of the exhibitions 

  Free entry 


Scottish National Portrait Gallery – Queen Street 


The gallery is housed in a remarkable red sandstone neo-gothic palace and reflects the country’s history through the numerous portraits of renowned Scottish people that hang on its walls.  

Free entry! 


The Writer’s Museum  

The Writer’s Museum commemorates the lives and works of three of the greatest Scottish writers: Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns and Robert Louse Stevenson. 

The life stories of these three writers are told through manuscripts, books, portraits, and numerous personal items.  

  Free entry but.. donations are welcome!  


Surgeons’ Hall Museum – Nicolson Street  


Initially, founded as means of educating medical students but in 1832 opened its doors to the public, making it the oldest museum in Scotland.  

Surgeons’ Hall Museum explores medicine’s history and the development of surgery and dentistry throughout the centuries.    

Entry fees: Adult 8£ / Child £4.50