Quirky and unusual places in Edinburgh you’ll love! 

1. Gilmerton Cove | 16 Drum Street, Edinburgh 

 Gilmerton Cove is a series of underground passageways and chambers hand-carved from sandstone located beneath the streets of Gilmerton, an ex-mining village, now a southeastern suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland. There are many theories about the origins of the Cove and its purpose. 

Visit this series of hand-carved caves and help solve the mystery of their existence! 


2. Arthur’s Seat coffins | Chambers St, Edinburgh 

 Satanic spell, superstitious charm or echo of Edinburgh’s grisly underworld history? 

You can find the miniature coffins in the ‘Daith Comes In’ exhibition on Level 4. The National Museum of Scotland. 


  3. Climb Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh’s Volcano

Did you know that Arthur’s Seat in the middle of the city is actually a volcano? 

Don’t worry it is dormant and now makes for a great short hill walk with great views back over the city.  


  4. The ruins of St Anthony

14th-century ruins of a chapel dedicated to St Anthony around halfway up the steep slope 

Little is known about the origins of its crumbling walls, though it’s thought that perhaps the chapel once had connections to nearby Holyrood Abbey (which also now lies in ruin and can be visited at the same time as Holyrood Palace).


5. Kyoto Friendship Garden | 31 Barnton Gardens, Edinburgh 

On the grounds of Lauriston Castle and Grounds, you’ll find the Kyoto Friendship Garden. This calm space remains a hidden gem of the city to this day. 

Located in green and leafy Cramond, the green space is one of the top three Japanese gardens in the UK 


   6. Cramond Island |  lies off the foreshore at Cramond 

The pretty tidal island of Cramond lies just off mainland Scotland and can be accessed twice a day when the tide recedes. Now uninhabited, it’s thought that the island was once an outpost for Roman troops. 


  7. Dr Neil’s Garden | 5 Old Church Ln, Duddingston, Edinburgh 

The seasonal botanical garden of Dr Neil’s is a true Edinburgh delight and attracts visitors from far and wide on an annual basis. Situated in the shadow of Holyrood park, the green spot is easily one of Edinburgh’s best-hidden gems. 


  8. The Wild West of Edinburgh | Springvalley Gardens 

People flock to Edinburgh for its history and culture, but who knew the Scottish capital’s posh, traditional Morningside district had a mini Wild West town that looks like something straight out of the movies? 

Hidden away in the heart of Morningside, just off Springvalley Gardens, lies Edinburgh’s Wild West. 


 9. Maison de Moggy – Enjoy tea & cake with a Cat | 17-19 West Port, Edinburgh 

Maison de Moggy offers up tea & cake and access to its 12 therapeutic and characterful cats.  


10. Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe | 15 Frederick St, Edinburgh 


Not a big fan of cats? Maybe a dog cafe will be a better choice? 

Combining two of life’s simple pleasures – cake and dogs. 

Take time to relax and indulge in some very rewarding company. Book a session and, once inside, Chihuahuas will be roaming freely amongst guests for you to pet, cuddle, play with, take photos or simply observe and enjoy.