Edinburgh’s Best Secret Cocktails Bars

To find bizarre, unusual secret bars, you need to be ready to delve into all the nooks and crannies that the capital has to offer.
Impress your friends with your knowledge of Edinburgh’s secret cocktail bars!

It is our list of 13 Edinburgh’s Best Secret Cocktails Bars:

1. Hoot the Redeemer | Basement of 7 Hanover Street, Edinburgh
This quirky cocktail bar is filled with funny looking drinks, alcoholic ice cream, and unofficial king of the cocktail slushy.
2. Panda and Sons | Basement of 79 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 4NF
While Panda & Sons’ facade may look like an old-fashioned barbershop, once inside you’ll find a secret set of stairs hidden behind a bookcase.
3. Bramble | Basement of 16A Queen Street
Bramble is a subterranean cocktail bar. It is one of Edinburgh’s oldest and best speakeasy bars but also! one of the hardest to find. Hidden beneath a dry cleaner, once inside you’ll be rewarded with a cool atmosphere, an extensive drinks list and some vibing old school playlists.
4. The Last Word Saloon | Basement of 44 St Stephen St, Stockbridge
The Last Word Saloon is a little further from Edinburgh’s city centre than our secret cocktail bars, but it’s well worth making the effort.
Once you step inside this basement bar in Stockton, you will be transported back to the old west with big leather armchairs in front of the fireplace and a dark and moody atmosphere with candlelit tables.
5. Lucky Liquor | 39A Queen Street
When you spot the bright neon sign on Queen Street, you’ll know you’ve reached the Lucky Liquor.
Lucky Liquor Co is one of the most infamously serious, yet funny sipping joints in town.
With a regularly rotating menu boasting only 13 cocktails, alongside 13 bottles of spirits, there’s a theme running at Lucky Liquor Co. Attentive to cocktails and cultivating an intimate menu that is not only manageable but consistently creative, it’s likely that you’ll never taste the same drink twice.
6. Cask Smugglers | Basement and roof of Waverley Mall
Cask Smugglers is a secret speakeasy bar in Edinburgh’s city centre, offering a menu of cocktails and whisky with vintage surroundings and a retro soundtrack.
Top secret bonus: Bar recently also launched ‘secret’ drinking domes, Terrance, with incredible city centre views!
7. Under the Stairs | Basement of 3A Merchant St
Quirky retro decor, local art and exposed stone create a relaxed vibe for cocktails and bistro dining (one of my fav places!)
8. Heads and Tales Gin Bar | 1A, Rutland Place
This bar is also located where the famous Edinburgh Gin is made and takes advantage of that with a clever interior design, meaning patrons can watch the spirit being distilled as they drink it!
Creative gin cocktails are shaken by mixologists in a bar with timber ceilings and smart armchairs.
9. Bryant & Mack Private Detectives | 87-89 Rose Street N Ln
Hidden away down a side alley on Rose Street and disguised as a Private Detective Agency, this little pub has a funky atmosphere and knowledgeable staff!
Do not be afraid to open the door or knock if it is locked
10. Monteiths | 61 High Street
Intimate, refined spot for seasonal Scottish cuisine and cocktails in a smart, traditional decor.
11. Dragonfly Cocktail Bar | 52 West Port
One of Edinburgh’s oldest cocktail institutions. Come and enjoy old classics and new creations in a quirky little Old Town spot filled with quality tunes and superb service!
12. The Cocktail Geeks | 27 East Market Street
The funky bar is known for inventive cocktails & experiences with unique pop-culture themes.
A hidden gem in Edinburgh!