6 Sightseeing Walking Tours  

Every traveller should have Edinburgh on the top of their bucket list!

Its rich past, royal legacy, and elegant medieval streets will make you wish you never had to leave.

The well-known spots are also close together, which makes it a perfect city to explore on foot.

Here are 6 walking tours that we think are worth recommending! Whilst we always recommend wandering and letting yourselves get lost down the streets and wynds, the following will help ensure you see most of the sights and get told about them too.


JK Rowling’s Edinburgh & the writing of Harry Potter 

The city of Edinburgh regularly features in the Harry Potter films and books, but unless you know where to look, it can be challenging to discover significant spots by yourself. Find out how the city inspired J. K. Rowling to write the books.

Discover the magical world that inspired JK Rowling.


JK Rowling’s Edinburgh & the writing of Harry Potter 


The Palace of Holyroodhouse + Edinburgh Podcast Tour: Local History and Secrets 

Visit The Queen’s official residence in Scotland ticket including

admission to the Palace, access to the Palace’s garden, the State Apartments, and Mary, Queen of Scots’ historic chambers and admission to the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, free multimedia guide, available in multiple languages.



Highlights of Edinburgh Walking Tour & National Museum of Scotland 

This tour offers one of the most unique and truly memorable visits to Edinburgh, the historic heart of Scotland.

This fully guided tour includes castles, churches, abbeys, and remarkable architecture. You’ll also visit the Scottish Gallery at The National Museum of Scotland to view some of the country’s most fascinating cultural artefacts.

Wander the vibrant streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town with an expert, English-speaking guide who’ll deliver intriguing narration full of great stories and anecdotes (and, of course, that world-renowned Scottish humour).



Secrets of the Royal Mile & Edinburgh Castle: Walking Tour + Skip The Line 

The taste of haggis, the sound of bagpipes, and a looming castle on a hill – Scotland’s capital has it all! Uncover Edinburgh’s secrets on a guided walk through its historic streets, then skip the line to Edinburgh Castle for the lowdown on its residents – past and present.

You’ll be led down wynds, closes, and courtyards with your expert guide for a history lesson on Edinburgh.

Hear true stories about the city’s crime, culture, politics and everyday events. Find out how people like Mary Queen of Scots, David Hume, Adam Smith and Robert Burns shaped Edinburgh’s culture, politics and more, then skip the line for a tour of Edinburgh Castle.


Scotland’s Darkest Secrets Tour  

Calling fans of all things spooky!

Do you love hearing wicked, twisted, and macabre tales from years ago? Combine your love of frights and thrills with a historical tour of the hauntingly beautiful country of Scotland

A country renowned for its mystery, eery settings and secrets, our tour of Scotland’s capital will see your live tour guide bravely battle the country’s harsh elements and scary locations.

Then you’ll go on a terrifying journey through Edinburgh, where you’ll learn of wicked witches and ghosts that haunt the city and plague its castle. Immersive guides will make you feel as if you’re there at the time and allow you to soak up every chilling nook and cranny.

Book our Edinburgh tour today to unearth some of Scotland’s best-kept and darkest secrets.



Old Town & Underground Historical tours 

Join on this historical walking tour around Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile. Learn about Edinburgh’s fascinating history, literature heroes, infamous criminals and battles that shaped our city into what it is today.

This tour will take you into parts of Edinburgh that you did not know existed off the tourist trail. From hidden Victorian gardens to centuries-old buildings with plenty of a story attached.

You will find out who the famous local criminal was that became the inspiration for Jekyll & Hyde. Learn where the word Black Market came from, where Ebeneezer Scrooge is buried (yes, really) and how Edinburgh University worked closely with the serial killers’ Burke & Hare.

Edinburgh’s history is long and fascinating, made even more special when told by enthusiastic and passionate guides.

Tour includes a visit to Edinburgh’s Underground Vaults, one of the most hidden and historic places in all of Edinburgh. The guide will tell you about our Underground’s dark history, some of the strangest things that happen down there, and some famous historical characters connected to our specific vaults.